Our Creations

"We dream, then plan, then do."

Here are some highlights of what we have created.

From Automotive to Education, we've built, developed and marketed some popular websites to help users in any vertical. Here are a few examples...


People thought we had gone mad when we decided to take on the Automotive Vertical in 2006. And, of course, they were right.

With a Mission to "Change the Story of Buying a Car", Lemonfree.com has become a household name in the United States. At the time of its creation, there weren't very many "Free" automotive websites (for both Consumers to list cars, and that weren't charging dealers to list inventory) - so LTV created the site with that as our strategy. In no time we doubled in size year over year, and as more automotive sites become "free", LTV took the angle of focusing on the consumer and SEO. LemonFree.com has helped over 50,000,000 car buyers find their next vehicle.


Over the past 5 years, Long Tail has been providing marketing services to Third-Party Marketplaces such as Lemonfree.com. While doing this, Long Tail discovered a problem...

The Problem...
Agencies that help dealers with their online presence were virtually shut out of Third-Party Marketplace sites. Leaving them unable to access the huge amount of ultra - targeted traffic that these sites generate.

Publishers were stuck with sub par solutions, which prevented them from connecting with Agencies who would be able to effectively monetize their sites.

The Solution...
Over the past few years, we have created technologies which help our current Third-Party Marketplace clients connect. However, in order to have a real effect in the marketplace, we decided to offer this technology to other qualified Third-Party Marketplaces. This is embodied in the Platform we call VINClicks.

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