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Software Developer (Intermediate)

Position needs to be filled immediately

As a key member of Long Tail Ventures' team, the role's primary responsibility will be to ensure that solutions or requirements are researched and implemented within a scalable multi-tier environment. The position will also work closely with management and development teams to ensure that systems align with overall strategy/vision.

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Long Tail Ventures always focuses on employee values. We embed winning team members that will gel with our team and embrace our company Vision, Mission and Values as well as culture and identity. We are always hiring, as long as the fit is there and you are a 10/10 all-star, gold medal team type of employee. We always focus on you first, and skills second.

Do you like a fast-paced work environment?

Do you like the feeling of being in the zone?

Does beer on Fridays make you salivate?

Do you always look to grow yourself and the employer you work for?

Is winning and learning a part of your DNA

Do you want a salary which consists of love, potato chips, beers and enough fiat money to go to the movies…

Then you could be a member of the LTV family! Whether you are in the Marketing field, or Technology/Development, we want to hear from you! Email your resumé to Robert Langtry at or visit our Contact page.

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