Who Are We

Long Tail Ventures, Inc. was established in 2004 in Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada. The founders all came from successful online marketing background, dating back to 1995.

With a core purpose of traffic generation, Long Tail Ventures quickly expanded their skills and knowledgebase. Branching into strategies such as SEM, PPC combined technology and design, we quickly learned that the "whole package" is required to run a successful online business. Given direction from our Vision and inspired by our Mission, we have created a company identity and culture to attract the best of the best.

Long Tail Ventures has a great record. LTV has developed a strong representation in the automotive vertical, through LemonFree.com and now VINClicks, also dabbling in other verticals such as education, religion, jobs and even your every day recipe websites.

Check out some of Long Tail's product success.

Meet the Team

By now, I'm sure you are just dying to meet our team of All-Stars. Coming from a wide range of backgrounds, LTV is a cosmic force to be reckoned with.

Lance Schafer

President / Co-Founder

Dan Legal

CEO / Co-Founder

Robert Langtry

SVP, Business Development & Marketing

Alex Karpyza

Operations & Marketing Manager

Dave Parsons

Lead Developer & Architect

Mel Navasca

Senior Web Developer

Kevin Hildebrand


Colton Julyan


Manmeet Gill


Susan Vanderhorst

Office Manager & Accounting